Massage Therapy By Krissy

About the Practitioner

Krissy Wilbraham MT 110421 I am recently married so my last name on my license is still Venander
Studied at Academy for Massage in San Antonio, TX

I believe massage is required for ulimate health

I chose to get into massage therapy because I have a passion for helping people and I was told by others that I had a talent for it. I love being my own boss and not having to deal with the daily stresses of regular jobs. I did work at a high end Aveda salon/spa as a lead therapist for my first 2 years after I received my license and then resigned to work for myself on my 2 year anniversary.

As far as my background goes, when I graduated highschool, I decided to take the working path to figure out what I wanted to do in my life. I mainly worked in sales positions for about 7 years before I received my massage therapy license. Because of massage I became curious about what else I could do to improve my quality of life. I started working out for the first time ever, and along my journey to better health I discovered Usana Health Sciences from a close friend. Because of massage therapy and Usana Health Sciences I have learned a whole new way of living a healthy lifestyle, I feel better than ever and I would not change it for the world! My mission is to help as many people as I can to finding a better quality of life and I will never stop improving myself. 

For fun I enjoy crafting things I find on pinterest (I love pinterest), cooking new healthy recipes, spending time with friends, and my husband Ryan, I could literally spend all of my time at Hobby Lobby, and I love furthuring my education! 

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