Massage Therapy By Krissy


The first time I met Krissy she said without a doubt she could cure my plantar fasciatis. Having gone to doctors and done everything already I was a disbeliever. She was right though!!! She is incredible massage therapist for sports or any other injuries and gives a mean deep tissue massage. Krissy also does great relaxing massages that will relax you for weeks on end. I totally recommend her for either. -Kai G.
Whether I’m stressed out from work, sore from working out or sitting at the computer, or just need some pampering, Krissy always makes me feel better.  She tailors each massage to whatever I need on that particular day:  sometimes it’s my tight shoulders, neck and back; sometimes my TMJ; and sometimes just my sore, tired feet.  As a former dancer, I’ve been getting massages for over 20 years, but since I met Krissy, I won’t go to any other massage therapist.  She’s professional, intuitive, and an absolutely fabulous massage therapist! -Jenny M.

I have been seeing Krissy for massage therapy for over 2 years and I would not change for anything!!  I have had many massages over the years and nobody has helped me like Krissy. She is amazing! She has an incredible knowledge of the muscles and how they work together. I would recommend Krissy to anyone and I do whenever I have the opportunity. I have sent 3 of my children to her and they were so impressed with her massage and technique. I promise, you won't be disappointed!   Debbie
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